Life in the age of information, technology and advanced communication is stressful.

If you need assistance with stress management, couples therapy, anxiety, depression, eating disorders or personal development, let's chat.

The Type of Therapy I Offer as a Clinical Psychologist

The most important part of the therapeutic alliance for me is the relationship that I develop with you. I place a large emphasis in developing a relationship based on trust, mutual respect, authenticity and honesty. I believe that the relationship between you and I is the vehicle of change in your life. In my attempts to offer you the best service I can, I will need to make a proper evaluation. I generally work with clients that are struggling with the following key areas.

Stress Management

Couples Therapy

Eating Disorders



Personal Development

Is therapy for you?

Therapy is often investigated when you’ve exhausted all other alternatives or you’ve been told to speak to a specialist since your issues are not physically related but seems to be more a mindset one.

Each person and plan is different, and you're ultimately the most important person in the process. So we work around helping you as best as we can.

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I use an online booking system to ensure that you can easily make a booking with me at your convenience.

Alternatively, you can send an email to or call 0861-005005.

I am Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in Fourways, Gauteng.

Contact Details

Kitrin Health Centre, Hammets Crossing Office Park, Block 807/1, 2 Selbourne Road, Fourways, Gauteng, 2191 (next to the Baron)